Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a thought.

I like people
I become friends with people
I trust people
People change
People Stab me in the back
People bring out the worst in me
I don't trust people
I don't become friends with people
I don't like people

Hmmm, I was thinking about these short sentences on my way home today, they kept going on in my mind, over and over again. It explains a kind of pattern in relationships that has been very clear to me lately.

NM. 20-10-2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tell Me Something I Wanna Hear.

I just feel pure joy and happiness whenever I have anything to write in here, cause its me and I love to write. I’ve been working on this note for about 3 weeks now. I think it took me all of that time, because I had no enough time to sit down, relax and actually write the damn thing. University has been wearing me down with all the assignments and due dates. True story is, I’ve actually wanted to let this out for about 2 years now. Yeah it’s quite some time, but, here it is finally done. This piece is called :


To wait for this moment was like waiting for hell to freeze or angels to become evil. To wait for it was practically impossible. And she was a person who lost hope easily in a short time, and with no hope remains only question .. Question if she can wait any longer, but, of course the answer would always be .. No. She never expected that this day would ever come. She was consumed by the idea that it would never happen. And that was all she could think about the moment he told her.

She remembered all the times she spent wanting to hear these words, all the times it drove her crazy when she desperately wanted to hear them. She’d always imagine they’d be like cushions on her ears and sweetness to her mind, body and soul. Like the comfort she was longing for, the state of mind she daily dreamed about. She thought that a dream or a scene in her mind would always be better than the impossible reality. The reality that blocked her from going on with her life the way she wanted But, in her dreams she could let it all out, any secrets, any wishes, anything she would not be judged for, something she kept for herself. It was her thing. But, this time, this moment the reality was so much better than a dream.

The day he told her, it felt like every scene or dream she had just turned into sweet reality. He told her.. the looks in his eyes showed it before his lips could speak it, her heart felt it. It’s like someone throws you from a high story building and you land on a soft comfortable bed. It’s everything she imagined .. Everything she wanted.

She could not really answer him back, because it would take her days to tell him how great it felt hearing these words, how huge an impact they had on her. How can a person feel so relieved and free just by hearing those words? – she questioned herself.

She didn’t know the answer to that question, she only knew she would simply just say it back, because every muscle in her body urged her to, her mind would not rest until she says it and her lips could not speaks but of these words, these little but powerful words.

She took a moment staring in his eyes; they were as blue as the ocean burning with red fire. And without thinking any further she replied “I Love You Too”.

NM. 17.10.2010