Sunday, December 26, 2010

No wise man ever wished to be younger. -Jonathan Swift

It’s pretty much a very exhausting time for us “Applied Art-ians”, these couple of weeks we hand in A Cloud Collector, A Poster, 2 Commercials about Cairo, Design Theory Assignment of how the camera was developed. And toping all that is the CPS final presentation, the Deutsch 3 Oral exam, The Deutsch 3 computerized exam the Design History theoretical exam, and the DRM reflection on research essay. So we are kind of REALLY stressed out, and confused of what to do and how to act.

Yesterday 25/12/2010, after a very hectic day trying to come up with a layout for the design history assignment (which we failed in doing), I headed for my car to go home, it was 11 pm and for the first time, I was afraid of being alone. It was so dark and quiet, so I ran to my car quickly determined to go home as fast as possible. I reached home, and again ran to the door because it was even quieter and darker where I live. I finally reached my room and got to change and pray and sit down staring at nothing, my teeth were aching so much (Braces).

As usual I sat on my very comfy bed, with my very green laptop on my lap, FBing and chatting with Nadine my best friend and a couple of other people.

And suddenly the clock hits 12:00 am 26/12/2010 and my Fb couldn’t handle the notifications, my phone wasn’t silenced by the texts and calls and my smile couldn’t be wiped off my face from what I was seeing/hearing.

I had just turned 19, and all my best friends were showering me with their lovely birthday wishes!

I can’t thank you guys enough!

Maha Diaa, My GB for giving me the best phone call ever :)

Sara Sarhan, writing me the cutest text and making me the best green card I own :)

Nadine Kamal my everything Buddy, who made me this amazing head band declaring I’m the Birthday Girl :)

Yosra Adel writing ( mmm=P ) me this very lovely poem:

You're my friend

My companion through good times and bad

My friend, my buddy

Through happy and sad

Beside me you stand and beside me you walk

You’re there to listen and you’re there to talk

With happiness, with smiles

With pain and tears

I know you'll be there for me

Throughout the years

And today is a special day to my friend

Your birthday is not like any random day with an end

I see that age is all in your mind

I just want you to keep it behind

And to count your life by smiles, and friends

Not to count it with tears, and age

May the best of your past

Be the worst of your future

And my you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

And here were all the FB statuses changed just for me and a couple of other posts:

Yosra Adel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADOUSHHHHH XD .May all your wishes come true bby

Nadin 'Naydin' Mahgoub

Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy 
ba7ebek xxx
*Necklace love*

Jaida El Deeb

bs facebook did not say today is ur bdy

Hayat Selim

Nada ya Nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...happy birthday, sweety!!!I don't care about your birth cirtificate..this the real deal, baby!!I'll give u the boom in the morning..mwa!!

Sara Sarhan

Ur the best nineteener EVERRRRR :***
I wish u a "Derek" ;D mwaaaahhh 


Yosra Adel

Is wishing Nada EL Meniawy her best friend the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!

Nadine K. Osman

yooo nadoush babyyy
Dala3 ktcheer ktcheeer kdaaa 5aleena eh l 1st of jan ya3ni =P
BABY NADOUSH,,, happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay w 3o2bal 100000 sana 
W ya rab tkoon sana 5ADRA 3alekee
Everythiing buddy b2aaa

Nadine K. Osman

Happy blasting most amazing extrodinary bombing smashing birthdaaaaaaaaaaay... LOVE U 19er
Nada EL Meniawy

Sara Sarhan

tanti auguurrii Nada EL Meniawy TVB ALOT!! ;D

Maha Diaa


Mahmoud Youssef

‎- Happy birthday Best friend ! I love you Nada EL Meniawy

Im 19!

It was a lovely night, and I went to sleep at 2 am and woke up on texts wishing me happy birthday and my dad called me from UK to wish me a happy birthday. I made it to university and Nadine gave me the head band , I wore it and I was being stared at by EVERYONE, but it didn’t matter because it was my day. Random people were telling me to have a happy birthday, everyone who didn’t know wished me a happy birthday and gave me a happy birthday hug and that felt soo sweet. I was HAPPY, really happy. We headed to Sara’s villa to take some pictures together and try to make a successful jump =D

Attempts to Jump

I had the most amazing time today and all the thanks go to my Best Friends, I love you guys more than you can imagine, looks like “19” is going to be a good year – I hope :)

My lovely Green Card and Head Band

PS- My Real official Birthday is 1/1/1992 :)

So expect another post on that date ;)

NM. 26.12.2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

With Every word Whispered We Get More Faraway.

So it’s one of those days, actually it’s becoming an everyday thing now. I wake up, I’m determined to start a new fresh day with positive energy and a smile and by the time I’m back home the smile transforms into a frown and frustration takes over.

And it’s not because it’s the load of exams or assignments, it’s not because I spend a lot of time doing something that might be wrong in the end and it’s not because I don’t have time to go to the gym to work on my beautiful charming body. Bleh! It’s only because of the people around me, I call them the “Frustraitors” - I don’t think that is even a correct English word.

Here’s a guide for you to know if any of the people around you are Frustraitors:

  • They always remind you of the load you have on your back and never help with a plan.
  • They treat you like you are not an important part of this world, and what you are doing does not contribute to life, thus not worth wasting your time and their time for that matter on.
  • They don’t acknowledge that you are a person with feelings and sometimes these feelings get hurt and need a special treatment, instead they find the sharpest knife they have and cut you deeper.
  • They don’t understand you no matter how much you try to explain, thus driving you on the way of frustration.
  • They insist on enforcing their plans on you and you don’t get the space to say what you really want to do.
  • They simply frustrate you. Enough said

Frustraitors are not easy to be around, they are the worst kind of people to be around. And they seem to follow me lately.

So for the sake of my new friends – My Frustraitors- I wrote you something, something to remind me that you swipe the smile off my face everyday, something to remind me that you take all my positive energy and transform it to anger, and am not a very nice person when am angry.

This is for you to remind you that I got over my aggression towards normal people, but not towards you and that it’s the only sane way to deal with you.

And for this I’m calling this small, deeply felt piece “The F’s”.

The F's

You’re here, but you are not

I can’t feel your presence

The air you bring is only filled with regret

You lost you natural essence

I can’t get to make you leave or stay

It’s not my choice

You don’t understand a word I say

Because simply you don’t hear my voice

I’m inside my bubble

Trying to burst

But you only cause me trouble

It seems like I’m cursed

You can care less

That won’t hurt me

It only makes sense

To the person you turned to be

NM. 22.12.2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clean Slate

There’s no starting over, no such thing!

You don’t get to have two lives, you only have one and you make choices and these choices lead you somewhere, with some people and make you the person you are today, and by the time you are old enough to realize you made the wrong choices it’s too late. You don’t just forget about your past or find someway to erase it, it’s always there, with you, haunting you. You don’t get to move on and be all happy about it, or maybe you can, but how? Just, how?

Maybe, change your hair color, leave your home, leave the whole country, go study elsewhere, make new friends, try on new habits. You might as well kill yourself because you won’t be the same person anymore. So in the process of moving on you changed yourself completely, just to runaway from your past, or whatever it is you want to forget about.

This can’t be the solution. This can’t be it. Then freakin’ what?

I don’t know the answer to that, because if I knew, I wouldn’t be torn so much about it. I don’t believe in starting over, I wish I could start over, but I don’t want to change who I am today, to become someone I don’t know tomorrow.

I want to learn to cope with my choices and start over in what could be changed.Change the things for me, not change myself for the things.

NM. 11.12.2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Free Time.

We all want it, we all need it. All the time we are looking for it, yearning for it, day dreaming about it. Just that feeling of doing nothing, absolutely nothing when you’re all swamped with work no free time to do anything. And then, after hours, days and weeks of waiting, the magical moment of free time you’ve been waiting for comes knocking on your doors. You greet it, welcome it in like it’s the guest you’ve been hoping to see when you open that door, because if it was anything else, you were done, that was it, you couldn’t handle more work.

You take your guest, you watch TV together, eat together, sleep a little, maybe chat a little and then another guest just decides to come along – boredom.

Worst guest ever, it give you headache and time to think, think about the things you really want to forget, Boredom trumps Free time, you forget you even yearned for it anymore, you start looking for something to distract you from these awful thoughts, anything. You start re-thinking the idea; maybe I want to be busy after all.

You end up going to sleep, because your Boredom scared your free time away, leaving you going to sleep having to think about things you’ve been avoiding.

And then you wake up and the cycle goes. It never ends.

NM. 6.12.2010