Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Free Time.

We all want it, we all need it. All the time we are looking for it, yearning for it, day dreaming about it. Just that feeling of doing nothing, absolutely nothing when you’re all swamped with work no free time to do anything. And then, after hours, days and weeks of waiting, the magical moment of free time you’ve been waiting for comes knocking on your doors. You greet it, welcome it in like it’s the guest you’ve been hoping to see when you open that door, because if it was anything else, you were done, that was it, you couldn’t handle more work.

You take your guest, you watch TV together, eat together, sleep a little, maybe chat a little and then another guest just decides to come along – boredom.

Worst guest ever, it give you headache and time to think, think about the things you really want to forget, Boredom trumps Free time, you forget you even yearned for it anymore, you start looking for something to distract you from these awful thoughts, anything. You start re-thinking the idea; maybe I want to be busy after all.

You end up going to sleep, because your Boredom scared your free time away, leaving you going to sleep having to think about things you’ve been avoiding.

And then you wake up and the cycle goes. It never ends.

NM. 6.12.2010

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