Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh, the quiet silence defines our misery. The riot inside keeps trying to visit me.

How long will it take them to understand? Egyptians will not stop the Riots until they get what they want! They might just stop trying to stop us and start taking action, action towards the country that has been suffering from a lot lately.

It’s time for Change.

The little pharaoh finally spoke up

Out of the tomb

Dig up the dirt

Fight for your right

That’s why we’re here tonight

Don’t take the wrong with the right

Silence is a scary sound

It’s why we are bound

In our hands

We can change fate

Its not too late.

I wish.I dream.I hope.I do.

NM. 26.1.2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday :)

Today I was driving, while thinking about the very important event happening tomorrow. It’s my best friend’s birthday. My mind strayed a little from the thought of his birthday, to the thought of how long we have been friends. I started remembering all sorts of funny/good memories I had with him ( Remember how much we used to text ? =D) and I also started calculating the years in my head.

8 years.
Look at the number. (msA). Proof that this is one of the most valued friendships in my life. I’ve always changed friends.
Then I realized how much I loved Mahmoud, and how great a person/friend he is.

Happy birthday, Best Friend. I wish you the best! And 19 years old is close to 20 yes, but you are still young don’t worry.

I want to see me writing you another post 10 years from now :)

And because I know you love quotes, Here's one:

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.
You are one of the people who taught me the meaning of friendship.


- Good Luck in your exams!
- I hope saving my birthday words for later came better ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I intended to write this a bit earlier, but i'm not going to start on how busy I am with finals and all, so better late than never.

2010, how can I start? When it took you too long to end! With all your ups and downs, you changed my life; you made me experience things I never did before. As you aged I did too.

Words seem to fail me when it comes to this year – 2010 – So much has happened it’s overwhelming.

This year I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned from them, I’ve made personal achievements; I built new friendships and lost old ones, I worked, traveled, studied, partied, cried, laughed, and danced. I’m just happy to look back and see I’ve done something this year, I haven’t let it slip.

But considering I have done so much you’d think I have a lot to talk about, but no, I’m speechless, it goes beyond words to describe the amount of things I’ve been through this year and the amount of feelings I felt

But I’m not going to leave you with nothing don’t worry

Should I mention the Best moments? Best trips? Best Birthdays? Best Parties? New things? New Friends?

YES! This post is going to be on how 2010 was amazing, breathtaking, life changing and a great experience! I will mention all the ups and leave all the downs, because I like to remember the past as a happy one, and since they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are some pictures describing only a small some of the things I experienced this year, so here we go:

First Time Things in 2010

First picture with my mac pro, which I've been anxiously waiting to get since day one at university, and this year I got one

First time to visit Cairo Tower and see the revolving restaurant, the view of cairo from up there is beyond description! our country is just amazing.

First Time to Paint Ball in Alexandria, and It was as funny as the picture looks
"Watch out,Im gonna paint your ass (H)"

Braces, the most painful experience I went through this year, and I won't seem to be taking them off anytime soon.

First time to go to "Sakia" - Rock Festival \m/.
I'm a personal fan of rock music, so this was actually amazing, the bands performed great stuff!

BEST OF 2010

Best Party :

GUCMUN 50's party : Come on let's twist again, like we did all summer (8)
Yes, this was the best party, not only because we danced all night long, not because we've seen a lot of people, but because of the theme and how creative people were in their costumes.

Best of University: [ Semester 2 & 3]
There's soo much to say about University I don't think I can squeeze it in two lines, but, it's safe to say that though university is hard and wears me out physically and emotionally, I still love the experience, the people, the teachers and the ugly GUC orange & blue campus.

Best Birthdays (In order of pictures from left):

- Sarah El Etribi : Doudou's Birthday , Doudou is happy =D
- Nadine K. : one hell of a party - Club cant handle me ;)
- Kay way : the day it hailed!
- Yosra Adel : Young goofy =D
- My Birthday : Karaoke
- Sara Sarhan : surprise and yummy yummy cakes :*
- Nadine Yehya & Mai Abu Dawood : Pool party and Donia's place (H)
- Mohamed Fahim :One elegant outing - High heels for tall girls :)
- Maha diaa : surprise,With the big sun glasses (H)

Best Dish Parties & Movie Nights:

- Donia's : the lights went out for hours and the weather was soo hot it was unblievable =D
- Jaida's : Paranormal activity 1 & 2 and jaida had her home really prepared =S =D
- Kay's : Lights went out too and a karaoke session took place, a lot of singing and dancing happened that night ;)

Best Pool Parties:

Maha Diaa [May] : A n B party =D , The details of this party are just for us to know ;)
Nadine K. Osman [August] : Playing "Shabeeek" in the pool and "El Mandeel" how competetive we were was hilarious =)

Best Europe trip: London [July]
My God! London is the place to be, I intend on studying there at some point isA!

Best Trip With Friends :

Ras Sedr [Spring]
We made the best of a very boring place and I had a lovely time!

i consider this the best trip with "Mysnon" :)

Best Working Experience: Funyard [June/July]:

Amazing Kids, Amazing people and My Amazing Partner, Omar <3
We won "Best Team" :)

Other Work :

Ushering :
Yes, we look like flight attendants and that was the fun part :)

Volunteer Work:
Face painting for young poor kids, cute little kids :)

And That's how we ended the year

New Year's At Donia's

Some thanks need to take place: ( Some parts are going to sound cheesy, but I don't care)
Thank you God, for my amazing life and friends, I have everything I need and more.
Thank you mum and dad for supporting me and loving me and being the best parents ever
Thank you my friends for always being there for me and being this amazing and for tolerating me when I turn to my ugly self.

2011, Please come with the good.

NM. 5/1/2010

The Moment.

Can I talk about the feeling of being very exhausted?

That feeling you get when you haven’t slept enough for days, when you are so worn out physically you can feel every muscle in your body aching, every move you make hurts. When you think your brain is swollen inside your head, that when you start thinking it hurts. When your eyes start seeing things blurry, because you are too tired to concentrate. That feeling, we all experience, that feeling in such a time – Finals Time.

Today I went to university to hand in my final Typography posters and my final product design “Cloud Collector”. The day itself wasn’t exhausting, but the previous two weeks were hell. We all reached a point that we are soo tired we don’t want to do anything but sleep and the problem is we are not done with our finals yet.

So we said we’d go home rest for a bit and then meet again and start working on our media design final. So I went home, I threw all the stuff I was carrying on the floor, sat on bed and I started to feel myself relax for just a second and everything started to hurt. I decided to take a shower, which will then make me more relaxed and feel like I’ve taken a break – even if a couple of hours – in between all this work.

The moment I really want to describe, is the moment after the shower, the moment you get out smelling very nice and feeling very clean after all the shit you’ve been going through, the moment you slip inside your comfy bed and rest your head on the pillow and sleep on the scent of your shampooed hair. The moment you lay all the covers and blankets on top of you and feel very warm after being so cold outside, this moment… the moment you faaall asleeeeeee….

NM. 5/1/2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I want to thank every single person in my life for being this amazing, Thank you for the lovely posts, texts, calls and everything, and thanks for making my life this amazing :)

I meant to post something better and longer than this to thank you all, but thanks to my two finals tomorrow, my plan failed.

But celebration will take place later isA

Anyway, Happy New Year to you all :) I hope this year will be a better one, and May all the people who died in Alexandria rest in peace.. Sadness.


NM. 1/1/11