Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Moment.

Can I talk about the feeling of being very exhausted?

That feeling you get when you haven’t slept enough for days, when you are so worn out physically you can feel every muscle in your body aching, every move you make hurts. When you think your brain is swollen inside your head, that when you start thinking it hurts. When your eyes start seeing things blurry, because you are too tired to concentrate. That feeling, we all experience, that feeling in such a time – Finals Time.

Today I went to university to hand in my final Typography posters and my final product design “Cloud Collector”. The day itself wasn’t exhausting, but the previous two weeks were hell. We all reached a point that we are soo tired we don’t want to do anything but sleep and the problem is we are not done with our finals yet.

So we said we’d go home rest for a bit and then meet again and start working on our media design final. So I went home, I threw all the stuff I was carrying on the floor, sat on bed and I started to feel myself relax for just a second and everything started to hurt. I decided to take a shower, which will then make me more relaxed and feel like I’ve taken a break – even if a couple of hours – in between all this work.

The moment I really want to describe, is the moment after the shower, the moment you get out smelling very nice and feeling very clean after all the shit you’ve been going through, the moment you slip inside your comfy bed and rest your head on the pillow and sleep on the scent of your shampooed hair. The moment you lay all the covers and blankets on top of you and feel very warm after being so cold outside, this moment… the moment you faaall asleeeeeee….

NM. 5/1/2011

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