Saturday, February 12, 2011

White Paper.

It’s for this reason, I went chasing after writing in the first place. My white paper- When I needed to express my love it was there for me when no one understood, when I needed to express how my heart was broken it was the only thing that understood. When I was happy, sad, laughing, crying, and just being me – It’s the only thing that let me break down my feelings into understandable words.

In these times of need and desperation, where a friend can only help with soo much as “everything’s going to be fine”, the white paper is all I needed from this world.

I had the dream of this white paper existing in someone, someone who could understand this much, someone who could translate your feelings and break them down into words. Someone, to ease up the pain in the hard times, and laugh along with you in your great times.

Because sometimes, you desperately want the white paper to answer you back, to pat you on the shoulder and let you feel it’s presence and though not speaking a word, you start automatically feeling that everything is going to be fine.

I know where this came from and where this is going; it’s enough for me that I know it.

It’s just always safe to know that if I don’t have this someone, I will always have my white paper.


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