Friday, March 25, 2011

A Feeling

She sat with me and told me her vision

Described a feeling she strongly felt

She was soo amazed by the non- division

She only focused on what this feeling built

She talked about friendship and sisterhood

Would describe the feeling more if she could

She told me she was comfortable, and I felt it too

When she sat beside me singing to “I love you”

She mentioned it was hard to describe this state of mind

This great deal of safety, she couldn’t dare hide

The warmth you get when you’re with someone you trust

She said “having this someone is a must”

I instantly understood her

And looked to her and said,

“ I’ll write about the feeling

you just described instead”


You're Mouth is Moving, I Don't Hear A Word.

Crappy Crappy CRAPPY week.

No matter what I do

I’m always wrong

Sometimes I just feel

Like I don’t belong

Is it really my fault?

I ever trusted you

Yes I’m the one to blame

That’s all you ever say

Or do

All I ever wanted

Was a peaceful quiet world

I only wanted a friend

Which I guess I don’t



Friday, March 18, 2011

Who Knew.

It feels just exciting to have anything to write in here; lately it’s been crazy. Uni. Started again which means waking up early, loads of assignments and less blogging. Though it’s been hard with the lack of inspiration and all, it hasn’t stopped me from trying to come up with a new piece, but this time the inspiration did not come to me, I looked for it. I’m not sure you will get this piece the way I do, you might not even like it. There is a story behind every line though and that’s why I wrote it in the first place. This one took me a lot of time and thought, i hope this pays off.

Here is :

Who Knew

Who knew we’d come to this day

Where the sun always shines,

but warm we not may

Where darkness is our new friend

And we have no power to defend

Who knew we’d end up here

From what I see, it’s not near

It feeds the feeling of despair

And you start thinking it’s not fair

Who knew we’d change like this

Maybe for our own good it’s just bliss

To save us from the unknown

Or maybe protect us from being alone

Who knew I had you to lose

You taught me the meaning of abuse

And I didn’t know what to do

My only choice was to give up on you

No one knew

And how could we

Cause if we knew,

Do you think we’d be?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The color of silence
The sound of blue
it's the 3 simple words
I love you


Friday, March 4, 2011

Lie To Me.

It’s always around me

But, I just can’t see

Maybe I have to admit

That I just need to quit

Then I ask myself

How can I quit breathing?

With my poetry

I’m achieving

Without it

I’m just grieving.

But now, this is lame

I only have me to blame

For such a lack of inspiration

And my narrow imagination

Oh please come back good old times

I had so many important lines

I used to write, like I breathe

It always always came at ease

Or maybe I just didn’t lose it all

Maybe I’m heading for a fall

Maybe I’m gaining more than I know

I’m still just standing in the back row

Yet, by the end of this lacking piece

I close my eyes, my mind at ease

I pray to God and hope for the best

I pray I never be like the rest

I pray for new poetry and new inspiration

A better world, and a wider imagination.