Friday, March 4, 2011

Lie To Me.

It’s always around me

But, I just can’t see

Maybe I have to admit

That I just need to quit

Then I ask myself

How can I quit breathing?

With my poetry

I’m achieving

Without it

I’m just grieving.

But now, this is lame

I only have me to blame

For such a lack of inspiration

And my narrow imagination

Oh please come back good old times

I had so many important lines

I used to write, like I breathe

It always always came at ease

Or maybe I just didn’t lose it all

Maybe I’m heading for a fall

Maybe I’m gaining more than I know

I’m still just standing in the back row

Yet, by the end of this lacking piece

I close my eyes, my mind at ease

I pray to God and hope for the best

I pray I never be like the rest

I pray for new poetry and new inspiration

A better world, and a wider imagination.


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