Thursday, April 21, 2011

Broken [broh-k.uh n].

The blackness in the white

The doubt in the might

That long lasting night

It’s all out of sight

Even the shadow is awakened

And the real image is mistaken

Yet the image in the mirror

Is really breathtaking

Like a full moon in the sky

She’s shinning, pretty and high

People would look and say “oh my”

But you all would know it’s just a lie

She sees herself in everyone’s stare

Her image, she could not really bare

Because the judgments were unfair

But of that she was extremely aware

She could stand herself no more

She wanted to get rid of that mask she wore

And really just show her core

And with herself she wanted to explore

The story didn’t come to a happy end

Cause the reason it breaks, is because you bend

And there are somethings you can’t really mend

Like the broken image you always send.


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