Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sara Sarhan is My Best Friend.

Everyday you just prove to me that you are one of the best; I’m more than lucky to have such a wonderful person like you in my life. Without you my life would literally be lame.

I'm soo bummed by the fact that i'm not with you now, but i'll make it up for you. And as a starter here’s a little something for you buddy, it’s a little lame, but bare in mind we are in finals time. I love you either ways :) xx

Suu Boo Woo

We share a lot of secrets

They stay unknown

And I never ever regret

Spending time with you alone

Your friendship I value

So much, it’s dear to my heart

And all the people would envy us

For never spending time apart

I love you and appreciate you

But words wont say enough

Happy birthday my bestest ever friend

Have the sexiest 19

Spend this year like the sexiest ever teen

Stay awesome just the way you are

Cause you know it you are my luck star ;)


Monday, June 6, 2011

Flinch and Clinch Rhyme Perfectly

I seem to have an ability to over think, so instead I try to let it out here. And this was just a straying thought from the past, I turned it into a poem because I just miss writing so much, and I’m not really inspired.

I never thought I’d find your match

I thought you were one of a kind

I didn’t know I was only attached

It turns out I was just blind.

The thought of you makes me flinch

When I remember all the sadness you cause

I just get angry and my jaw starts to clinch

Cause you’re really so low you deserve an applause.

But enough with the bitterness

Let’s forget about the past

Let’s just search for happiness

The one thing, that never lasts.


Thursday, June 2, 2011


We forget, not necessarily everything, but we do. We have memories, yet we still forget. We forget our keys, glasses, books, etc. we forget a lot of things but among these things, we forget to express ourselves.

We don’t take the time to stop for a moment and remember that we need love, remember that we need to be happy. We go on with our daily routine. We forget to live in the moment, lay back and just have fun. It’s not until you are in your bed that maybe you start thinking about your life.

We forget to feel things. The little things that affect us the most. Life goes on too fast, that you don’t notice these little things. You don’t notice the guy that gave you a warm smile on the subway because you were too busy reading for your final. You don’t notice that your mum wanted you to give her a hug instead of and anger tantrum about how life is unfair. You couldn’t notice that your best friend was doing everything he can to make you feel better because you were too busy whining about something. You lose contact with people and never call them again, people who might’ve at one point changed something in you, just because you were busy in your so called life. You don’t notice that the weather is good anymore; you stop admiring the rain and curse at the fact that it’s raining in June.

It’s such a shame that we forget the things and people that shape our life the affect us the most, the people who care, the people who are always there.

Advice: stop for a minute, think about your life and where you’re headed and admire the beautiful things in life, notice the small things and remember to tell the people you love, you love them. It won’t cost you a thing and would mean the world to them/you.

After you read this, go outside, close your eyes, admire the scent of the air and how the wind brushes against your ears.And breath, just breath.