Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sara Sarhan is My Best Friend.

Everyday you just prove to me that you are one of the best; I’m more than lucky to have such a wonderful person like you in my life. Without you my life would literally be lame.

I'm soo bummed by the fact that i'm not with you now, but i'll make it up for you. And as a starter here’s a little something for you buddy, it’s a little lame, but bare in mind we are in finals time. I love you either ways :) xx

Suu Boo Woo

We share a lot of secrets

They stay unknown

And I never ever regret

Spending time with you alone

Your friendship I value

So much, it’s dear to my heart

And all the people would envy us

For never spending time apart

I love you and appreciate you

But words wont say enough

Happy birthday my bestest ever friend

Have the sexiest 19

Spend this year like the sexiest ever teen

Stay awesome just the way you are

Cause you know it you are my luck star ;)


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