Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wonderful Life.

Do u know that moment of peace people always long for and try to reach? That moment when you realize you have managed to disconnect yourself from the world.

I know.

Last week, I went on a weekend getaway to Ras-Sedr in Sinai with my family. Our objectives were very clear and simple – Forget about all the shit we’re going through in the process of the move from one home to another.

The best thing about this place is that no one likes it, so no one goes there. Therefore, you have an empty place with free wide space of sea, sand and sun all to yourself.

The sight of the beach just puts me in a mood, a very good mood. I hurried so that my feet can touch the sand and finally feel the summer sinking in. As soon as I reached the beach, I threw my stuff, my clothes off and headed to the water. All I was thinking was that I’ve been dreaming about this moment since the start of this crappy year. Finally my feet were totally emerged in the lovely seawater.

Before I knew it, I started relaxing and giving in to the water. I put my face in the water I laid on my tummy and left my body to wander freely by the force of the amazing waves. When I was down there I could feel the water carrying me, light as a feather, all I could hear was the sound of moving water, all I could see was the blue. I could just try to describe it, but no matter how I describe it, it won’t be close enough to how it felt, how I felt – Disconnected, Peaceful and safe.

I never wanted to leave; I wanted to stay forever there – In the arms of the sea. But sweet dreams do not last. I had to leave; had to get back to reality, to work.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So the world is cruel, as we know it, nothing new, and nothing unexpected. We go through life saying and believing that shit happens all the time.

But this, this has gone beyond shit, beyond cruel it’s inhumane. To my fortunate event I found a very good place for a graphics design internship, the place is great, the people are awesome.

Ok, so now you’re asking, why am I calling this situation inhumane? It’s the fact that I come everyday from 9 till 5 (office hours) and sit staring at my laptop screen, doing absolutely nothing. Yesterday though, I was a little creative, I watched a movie, in the office, in the middle of a working place. Yeah. It’s complete nonsense and just a stupid way to waste time.

People find more creative ways to waste their time and others’ time and it really gets to me especially that I have absolutely no time. I’m moving out of my home 2 times in a row, so that should consume all my time till I freaking graduate.

So, what am I going to do about this cruel world or this shitty situation? I don’t really know, but all I know is I have no more time to waste.