Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cap and Gown - Hospital Edition.

Whenever I have something good to write in my blog, I say later so I can enjoy writing about it. And when later comes that something that made me feel happy or good is now replaced with something that made me miserable.
Sadly, the story am going to tell now is a horrifying chapter in my life.
I’m not the first one to undergo surgery and maybe my surgery compared to others is a minor surgery. But never the less it was a horrifying experience that I had to go through alone.
2 days ago I went to a surgeon because I discovered some sort of lump growing under my skin. And soon as he saw it he said one word. Surgery.
He also said that I was to do the surgery 2 days later. It didn’t sink in of course I mean how can it? Today I’m sitting at home eating and tomorrow am in an OR? Like anyone could get used to that.
So the day I had to undergo the surgery came and I had arranged with my mum that we were not going to tell anyone because I feared they might get worried and that would cause us all just more tension and that’s the last thing I needed.
Soon enough I had been asked to wear that stupid surgery costume and lie in a bed. And so after hours of waiting I had been taken up to an OR full of surgeons, tools and people who look like they are just soo excited to cut me open. At this moment I just prayed. Silently prayed.
From God’s mercy someone had remembered to put me under and savor me the horrifying moment of lying on this cold surgery table waiting to be cut open. Of course the guy had to poke me like 4 times to find a vein of which he can inject the drug to put me to sleep.
All goes blurry and the next thing I know I wake up in a weird room with a mask on my face and all I can hear was the sound of someone in pain. I had been blacking out and coming back every 2 seconds for about 1 hour until I was fully awake.
Now normally when you undergo a surgery you stay a little bit in the hospital, but no I just wanted to go home, I hate hospitals and their smells. As soon as I could walk I changed that stupid surgery costume and quickly slid into my own clothes and I was ready to go home.