Saturday, October 22, 2011


So I found this on my iPod a few days ago and read it and found it dated back to the 28th of January. Of course any Egyptian now would never forget what happened on that day. it's really interesting to get a glimpse of myself in the past to know how I felt back then. but then again how good would it be without sharing it with everyone.


Due to unfortunate events I became very ill with soar throat,dizziness and muscle/joint ache. I could not do anything but watch the news since the Egyptian government cut off Internet and mobiles from Egypt. I knew this day egyptians intended on protesting some more. I woke up unable to breath or even move, it wasn't just because my illness was blocking my air passage, i
t was for the fact I spent the night dreaming of beloved Egypt's fate. I could not stand the situation anymore. I woke up to find all the phone lines broken and blocking me from making sure all my loved ones were okay. All day I watched the news, body aching from the flu and from the fact that Egyptian men were beaten up in the streets trying to retrieve their rights in a democratic country. All day I had the feeling that if this ended well, I too will feel ok and my body will stop aching instantly.

I feel the need to write, but words are failing me. What's happening today in my beloved country I cannot start to speak of how proud I am of my country because my country is the people and the people proved more than men. The fact that riot police could not stop them and the Egyptian army had to step in makes me more proud of how our men are. The fact that they could keep up with the riots for four days, four days of getting beat by the police, four days of getting tear gas and water sprayed on them just amazes me.

How the government is acting under these circumstances proves that we have been under a corrupt government for soo long, a government which faked democracy in front of whole world. But only we knew the truth and we kept it for ourselves because we had no freedom of speech. But now, the people are united , no one can bound us now. They can try all they want to tear us apart at least we got our dignity in front of the world back. At least now we can rise and say we are the Egyptians. We will not be silenced again. 'al saket 3an el 7aQ shytanon a5ras'

I wish.I dream.I hope.I do.
NM 28.1.2011

Sein oder nicht sein.


I see you suffering
And I don't know why
You lose the essence of life
And the days go by

You strain yourself
to a certain rule
You spend your life
Coming and going from school

You stress yourself
And then come and cry
You damage your health
And at the end you die

Why can't you realize
That life's too short
Just leave everything
In the end it will sort

You have to live the moment
Cause it comes and goes
You gotta grab it you gotta own it
Cause when it fades you'll be longing for it

Don't waste any minute
Don't waste any day
Go live your life in every way
Be happy be sad be whatever you feel
But just make sure you're living it real

Cause life's too short
And that you must know
Don't waste your time
Thinking whether you should come or go

Don't forget about the past
And don't stop thinking of the future
Just remember that you are living now
Not in the forever after