Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sein oder nicht sein.


I see you suffering
And I don't know why
You lose the essence of life
And the days go by

You strain yourself
to a certain rule
You spend your life
Coming and going from school

You stress yourself
And then come and cry
You damage your health
And at the end you die

Why can't you realize
That life's too short
Just leave everything
In the end it will sort

You have to live the moment
Cause it comes and goes
You gotta grab it you gotta own it
Cause when it fades you'll be longing for it

Don't waste any minute
Don't waste any day
Go live your life in every way
Be happy be sad be whatever you feel
But just make sure you're living it real

Cause life's too short
And that you must know
Don't waste your time
Thinking whether you should come or go

Don't forget about the past
And don't stop thinking of the future
Just remember that you are living now
Not in the forever after


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