Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Diaries of a #Tahrir Boy.

I don’t know what came over me, I suddenly just zoned out from all of it. I could hear people screaming but in slow motion, like time had stopped. Suddenly you get perspective, suddenly you just know. But soon enough I came back to reality. A wave of smoke came and clouded up the free space around me. I start coughing and I can feel it, my breath being taken away from me, I can’t move, can’t breath nor can I see. It’s like someone’s clenching to my chest and blocking my view. What’s happening to me? More like what’s happening to us. I fall on the ground and suddenly I find another world I didn’t see before, thousands of bodies are lying on the ground all bleeding all wounded, all just silently dying while hearing their country’s cries. It’s as if it’s the end. I can feel it in my gut. I start shaking soo bad; it’s aching everywhere, like someone stabbing you over and over. Suddenly someone pulls me off the ground. They spray some soothing stuff in my eyes and I can see again, but this time I see with my heart. I see young Egyptians fighting for something, together inseparable, unstoppable. The energy is soo loud I finally regain the sense of breathing. All I want to do is kill those monsters make them drown in their own blood just like they did to others, their brothers, their fellow Egyptians. They’re shooting eyes like they’re shooting birds and they’re throwing bodies in the trash like it’s cat food. Then you come to question humanity. Where is humanity? How can a human do this to another? But there’s no time for questioning, but all the time to act. These monsters must be stopped. Whether you have a political view or not, it’s not just political anymore, it’s a human right!


Friday, November 11, 2011


To all the 11:11 believers
Today is your day
To all the wishing retrievers
Make your wishes if you may

You can wish upon a star
Or place your wish in a fountain
The wish may go to far
Or high up a mountain

You just need to believe
And wish from the heart
There’s no need to grieve
There’s always a new start

But if you had one wish
What would you do?
Would you use it wisely?
Would you wish if you knew?