Monday, January 30, 2012



Walking in your arms never felt more secure and comfortable like now. I've always imagined this moment to be such a magical moment. It's as if we're in a world alone and lost in the beauty of its pureness. The world where we are always the highest in the clouds however, with all this perfection something felt really wrong. With the warmth of this feeling, my body alters at a surreal sense of happiness and satisfaction only to be blocked by my mind with rejection.

Walking under the beautiful twilight sun never wanting to leave.How can a moment this magical feel so wrong. I try to look up to see your face but every time I fail. Being taller than me with a bigger structure than mine you have me in your arms like I'm your precious to protect. Being protected by you feels complete, but being loved by you doesn't. Who are you? Why can't I see you?

This was the feeling I felt everyday, walking by the beach just like we used to walk everyday. Your ghostly presence has been keeping me company this whole year, the tears that I shed fall into the sand and mark a death stone of their own. Your death never sunk in till now. Just how can it? I have never lost a loved one before - not to death anyway -

Now the cold wind just lingers through every inch of my body instead of your warm hands. I walk down the line of our brushed footprints. Forever not knowing which way to go, but I keep going anyway, getting lost in the beauty of the unknown.

NM. 31.1.2012


- I wrote this months ago

- I don't know why it's called arms

- Edited by Islam Al Masry

( first time in my life to allow someone to edit for me, but Thank you).

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