Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In the midst of a very boring night, I decided to watch “27” again which is a movie project done for the GUC directed and produced by my friends and colleagues at the university. I had watched the movie the day of the presentation, and was surely very amazed of how a great final product it came out to be.

However today I watched it again carefully and was even more amazed of how meticulous their work was. The attention to the little details, like how they dealt with Belal in the desert and how the patient connected that to reality, and the moment of truth he had in the middle that he couldn't just take this anymore and finally his suicidal attempt and how peaceful it looked in his own projection of it. The Part where they were carrying him to his room just gave me the chills. How Belal managed to transfer to me the feeling of that patient I don’t know, but he sure is a talented one. Everything about it was just perfected.

I was soo touched at how these guys understood the feeling soo much that they could convey it on the screen in such an accurate enjoyable way. So cheers to you guys, you have all the future ahead of you to make even greater movies. It is such an honor to know all you talented people.

Go on never stop :)

Here's a link to the movie, if you haven't watched it:

Belal Rabah

Karim Tarek Mousa

Karim Sherif

Mina Essam

Ihab Nabil

Mark Naguib

and all who helped,



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