Thursday, February 2, 2012

انا اسفه يا شهيد

I sat there staring at the closed blinds in my room, staring for hours, imagining things. It sure had the effect of blinding, the name was well fit. But today, my blinds were not the reason I chose to close my eyes. I closed my eyes because they couldn’t stand more of what’s happening, they couldn’t see more blood. My mind just couldn’t handle more death. I kept repeating the idea in my mind; maybe if I repeat it I might discover that it’s just purely my imagination that the massacre yesterday in Port Said just hasn’t happened. But not only does that not happen, I even begin to think what if it was my brother? My father? My best friend?

The circle of death gets closer everyday, you know what I mean?” Farida said.

Of course I do, it gets closer and closer every fucking day.

But even so, those who died, died for what? They surely couldn’t have died in vain. NO. I chose to believe not. If it’s not for my sake, it's for the sake of their fresh blood.

I look to myself in the mirror and wonder of how their mothers will wake up to the news of their son’s deaths, really how can a person just imagine that!!?

Then I pray to God for forgiveness, it surely is because God is angry. Or, maybe it’s happening because, those who died before are screaming for their rights.

I don’t know

I puzzled

I’m confused

All I Know now is that I can’t see more Blood being spilt,

I can’t watch my brothers die and stay silent.

I have to do something, I have to act.


انا اسفه يا شهيد

بسببك بكره جي جديد

دمك مش هيروح هدر

حتي لو ده القضاء و القدر

انا اسفه يا ورده الربيع

حقك والله مهوش هيضيع

احنا عشانك احنا نموت

او عشانك نهتف باعلي صوت

انا اسفه انك مت علي ايدين واحد خسيس

بس دمك ده والله ما هو رخيص

متبكيش يا ام البطل المجيد

ابنك بيبتسم في قبره و كفنوا جديد

بيقولك انا عند ربي شهيد

و ما احلي الموت في بلدي كشهيد

انا اسفه يا شهيد

قريب هنلتقي من جديد

و ساعتها تبقي الدنيا عيد


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