Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Count Your Blessings

I think I wrote here about a million times that I find it very intriguing and satisfying to lay down any crap on this blog. It kind of makes me feel alive. And yet as I every time say it is to my unfortunate luck that I find nothing interesting to say about my life so I chose to only post poetry or small notes.

I just wonder, people who blog, blog for whom? if it’s a form of personal diary, who would be out there interested in what you did yesterday, today or what you’re going to do tomorrow?. I wouldn’t be interested for sure.
However, it is writing that cleanses my soul, so today I chose to write and bore you with details about my lovely life.
It’s four days till vacation ends and feels like it never started. I’m not going to call myself unlucky, but really all I needed in this very short vacation was to rub my feet in the soft cold sand or watch the waves crash the grounds quietly. Yes, all I wanted was the world to just slow down and a moment of peace. Yet, of course exactly the opposite happened.

Starting with the massacre in Portsaid, which came in really as a shock as to how the human life in Egypt became very cheap. The amount of people who died, cried and were forever psychologically damaged from this massacre just broke my heart. I went into a state of depression, because it just felt like every where I look I see death, every red color I see instantly turns to blood and everything suddenly turns black from the sadness and misery.
And not only does it have a psychological effect but a physical one too. One minute I was fine the next minute suddenly my blood pressure dropped and I couldn’t breath.

Yes I sleep enough hours, and I go out almost everyday, see different people and do different things and that can be called a break, but really what needed the break most and never found it was my mind, full of thoughts, full of worry it needed to be cleared with a trip to somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no news, nobody dying, crying or suffering.

However, we don’t always get what we wish for though and maybe that’s for the best, as they say, be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it all and then maybe one day you’ll realize you never needed it in the first place.

So maybe we need to stop looking for reason to be sad and focus on the small things that make us happy.
Happiness lies within us, it’s with the people we chose to laugh with, it’s going to the places we love, eating our favorite dish, or doing something we love to do, just like I’m doing now.

So, I’m sitting here and thinking that maybe I should direct that advice to me and just be happy with my life.

Before I leave you after all this boring talk, I have a list of thank yous to deliver.

Thank you God for giving me the blessing of a family and friends for without them I wouldn’t make it a day further.
Thank you for making me a successful person and always showing me that if I work hard, I’ll always be rewarded.
Thank you God for the blessing of great health, home, food and clothes.
Thank you for making my life soo beautiful, even though sometimes I leave all that and be upset about the tiny unimportant things I don’t have.

Even if I’m the not the happiest person alive now, I’m thankful, because God has blessed me with soo much, that by time it seems like the norm.

Count your blessings and be safe y’all.


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