Wednesday, March 21, 2012

50 Geneh

In this split of a second it was all just crystal clear, it's like everything went into slow motion mode and I was the only one moving fast. In this split second I got perspective of everything, in this split second I discovered I might be losing someone very dear to my heart that was enough adrenaline for me to be faster than the situation and act.

Suddenly I find myself running towards her, grabbing her from whatever part of her clothes I could clutch and when I finally got a grip of her, I took her in my arms and held her soo close to my heart which couldn’t stop beating soo fast; it was going to come out of my chest. We lied there on the ground not believing what had just happened here, if it was really or were we just dosed off of the very few hours of sleep we get everyday. We didn't know.

We sat there mouth wide open from surprise and not knowing how to act, we started laughing and tearing up at the same time, our feelings were soo messed up we just kept staring at the fence.

I looked at her and I could almost swear I saw death in her eyes, I couldn't imagine what she could be feeling at this moment, and to be specific I really didn't want to imagine.

She sat down after the a long glare of shock and when she could finally speak the first thing she said was ' My whole life just flashed in front of my eyes and thank God I had prayed everything today '

Moments like these, these small moments which happen in a split second could change your life forever; yes it was Sarah who was going to fall off the third floor, but that moment changed something in the core of my being. It changed me. Moments like these happen so we can remember why we were initially brought to this world and how are we going to leave it.

If just saving Sarah's life changed that much in me, how could it have influenced HER? How did she feel after she saw her whole life flash before her, I can't imagine she'll ever be the same.

Sarah has always been a person who inspired me either through her amazing strong character or through her talented influential writing, but after this experience it's safe to say Sarah has influenced me because of her existence - as simple as that.

Sarah you're strong, you're inspirational, you're very much influential. Keep strong and STAY ALIVE



  1. You are both stronger than you imagine. Nada you are sensational. Right place, right time. So beautifully written. El7amdulallah 3ala kol haga. Never take life for granted. God bless you both, and Sarah please do stay alive.

    - Farida Salem

  2. Ana baheboko ento el etnein awi. Nada is my superman, i owe you my life :)

    Farida, sada2iny, i'm trying my best to stay alive! And since then, i've never been taking anything for granted, ever. Elhamdolellaah 3ala kol shei2.

    Sarah El Etribi