Saturday, May 19, 2012



This is the first morning in 4 days that I don’t wake up to the spirit of the amazing MUNers. Yesterday, my first delegate experience in the GUCMUN came to an end.

Here is when I stopped typing yesterday, because my mind refused the fact that this amazing experience came to an end in a blink of an eye. My thoughts were shuffled between the amazing people I got to know, the wonderful experience I’ve gone through, and my lovely secretariats and I couldn’t stop thinking about what was coming next in my GUCMUN journey that has only just started.

MUN helped me develop so much on the personal basis. Now I am not afraid to speak publicly and defend my right with all the facts around me. MUN gave me a voice, that my county never gave me, I was finally able to take a stance towards something and fight for it, even if I was the bad guy (Bahrain ;D).

Talking about my two delegations,

First, Mr. Christof Heyns was the good side of me, yet a firm one as well, he wanted to fight for the human rights with all that his position could allow him. Sharing this delegation with me was my amazing partner Khaled Arafat. This being Khaled’s 4th year in the GUCMUN was a point on my side, because this guy really taught me a lot, he taught me to raise my voice and advocate for my right, he taught me to be serious and firm yet have fun at the same time, so thank you Khaled.

Second, The Delegation of The Kingdom of Bahrain. This delegation came with a lot of challenges especially that I had to fight for something I never believed in which was the total violations of human rights, something I have been fighting against in my country of a year now. To my best luck I had one of those amazing partners as well, Ahmed Youssef Mokhtar. This was Mokhtar’s 3rd time in GUCMUN, and I couldn’t be happier by that fact, the guy knew what he was doing and he had fun doing it. I really learned a lot from Mokhtar as well, with his drive to shout and prove his point and impatience, he taught me to be quiet and patient for me to prove my point. So thank you Mokhtar.

Moving on to the rest of the council, I can’t speak about each and everyone of you because this will probably take me forever, but it’s safe to say that everyone of you added and changed something in me this year, with all your different personalities and characters. To my great happiness and pleasure was that I shared this experience with one of the co-founders, the amazing Marawan El Kattan and one of the most talented writers and most likely to be diplomats Kareem Helmee. I really had absolute fun fighting with you in this conference and absolute respect to you both.

I am also glad I got to share this with two of my bestest friends, Nadine Kamal Osman and Mai abu Dawood. And thanks should be in order to Nadine, because of her I joined this amazing family, she showed me what an MUN magnet could be like and seeing her develop in MUN like this was the one thing that made me hungry for that experience, so thank you Nadine.

Coming to the best part of my experience, my secretariats,

Thank you for the tremendous efforts you did in order to make us what we are today, because of you this amazing conference happened, I would personally like to thank you. Because of you, I developed so much; I was introduced to a side of me I never knew existed.

Salma Youssef, your openness to help each and every one of us was just inspiring and I will say it again, you are one of the nicest people I know.

Noreen Fadel, I would like to add to what everyone said yesterday about you being one of the most sophisticated personalities out there, yet it is soo simple to see that your objective from this journey was to make us reach the level we are in today.

Yara Mahmoud Saleh, I’m glad you are one of the people I know now, when I look at you and see your determination to do something, this gives me the energy to go on, so thank you for passing your amazing energy to us.

Sherif Hamed, I don’t know what more can I say to express my utmost respect to you for your dedication, hard work and inspiration. As I told you yesterday, please be proud of yourself and know how much you affect people. I am sure that you will affect even more people and make them as proud as we are of you. Thank you Sherif.

Special thanks to Ibrahim Shams for his vision, and for introducing these amazing 4 to our lives.

Honorable Chair, Honorable council.

I would like to thank each and every one of your delegations for being present this year, for making this change and impact on one another. We were here to advocate for human rights, and this shall never stop under any circumstances. I urge you all to be proud and take this experience with you and pass it on. Tell your friends and family, make them join, do a huge impact and be amazing.

Thank you Honorable Chair, Thank you Honorable Council


- Thank you Mahmoud El Shimy, You’re one of the people that I could say I “won” in this experience.
- Thank you OC team & High Board  for EVERYTHING.


Thursday, May 17, 2012


I took my suit with soo much pride
My new identity was “the Great Soldier”
I vowed to protect my land even if I died
My very first mission was in “the Great black folder”

They trained me to handle the life
Some ideas to my mind were imposed
They told me to forget about my family and wife
This part of your life is closed

They gave me a gun and told me to shoot
You have your target at hand
I forgot all about my suit
Or what it represented to my land

They told me to aim specially on the eyes
I took the order and I couldn't see
The mothers' bloody cries
Flooding the streets like a sea

They gave me a knife and told me to slit
The throats of the bravest men out there
Back there at home is where I left my whit
And their heads I couldn’t wait to tear

They gave me tear gas and told me to aim
At their nervous systems and their minds
They fell on the floor, but not out of shame
They could still see through all our lies

Then they gave me a stick and told me to run
Beat them to death they said
they told me 'hold to your knife, Hold to your gun’
Make sure they’re all pretty dead

Suddenly I found my self saluting death
My time has come, my turn to suffer
I could see every crying mother, every dying breath
Holding on to life became much tougher

My one last thought was pretty sad
I remembered the great black folder
I really felt sorry for what I did to my land
I turned out to be not soo much of a great soldier