Tuesday, July 10, 2012


That morning I woke up feeling worse than ever, I didn’t sleep well and what made that worse is that I knew that the journey that lied ahead of me was a very tiring one. This was no picnic.After hours of waiting for the bus, it finally arrived and all I could think of is I just need my music and sleep. As we dug deep through the road, the greenery started to emerge and suddenly my mobile network was calling for SOS, at this moment all I was thinking about was how will I reach everyone when I’m there cause I am definitely going to be bored.

After half an hour of going deeper in the road we finally arrived to DDC, first feeling was the burning sun on my skin and the stinging flies. Moment by moment my expectations were being confirmed.A guy was calling “show them their rooms”,  “Finally, A room, conditioner, shade and rest” I thought. My thought was disturbed by “Put your bags and come back at 1 to the lecture hall” said Hafez which was 15 minutes from now.

“Nada El Meniawy and Sara Mahdi” called someone from the PEO, I was delighted by the idea because Sara Mahdi is that delightful person you want to be in the room with. We both chose a room upstairs; we stood by the door for a second trying to understand what have we gotten ourselves into.

There was no air conditioner, the room was actually hotter than outside and everything about this room implied that we were going to be eaten by mosqitos at night. We entered and closed the door I started fixing up my bed, because all I wanted was to sleep. While Sara kept staring aimlessly at the room trying to figure out how she’s going to live here for the next 4 days. I just couldn’t keep my laugh to myself when I saw the horror on her face, I told her it’s going to be fine just get some sleep.

So the detailed story stops here, now you get the impression that this should’ve been called camp torture. But believe me when I tell you that those were the best 4 days in this summer. The day we were leaving it felt like leaving my second family. These amazing people that I shared a place with for 4 days, I learned from them and they influenced my life a lot.

If it was either in the kitchen when we worked as a team we were determined to have fun though all the process. In our so-called morning runs; where I could feel the water from the grass on embracing my feet, the feeling of nature. Maybe it was the session we took outside in this forest like heaven, or was it the trip to the orange and grape fields. Maybe it was the teamwork in learning how to make “wara2 el 3enab”, or the fire ignited in the middle of the camp and we were all circling it or the movie night that we all chose a movie we didn’t want to see. Was it the one-one talks we had with each other, or the amazing sessions that helped us develop soo much. It was surely that treasure hunt we did in the last day and the amazing food we ate at “balba3”.

If I want to write about all of this in details it would take me forever to describe the amazing things we did and how it felt, but I will leave it open because I am sure each and everyone of us made his own experience and has his own shared memories with everyone. I think the camp was all the above but it was mainly the people and the experience and how we worked hard to get the best out of it.

I can’t thank you all enough for what you gave me and mostly I want to thank my partner Sara Mahdi for pushing me forward through this camp and being a great listener. Thank you Hafez, thank you PEO, thank you EB, thank you AIESEC GUC, and thank you all you amazing loving people. Most importantly thank you for inspiring me to start writing again.

By the last day, I recalled the first day where the sun was striking and the flies were impossible to stand, it didn’t bother me anymore, I could only feel the breeze of energy roaming the place and not wanting to leave. My room which was hell became my sanctuary when the day got harder and my negative spirit was replaced by a very positive productive one. I remember saying “ I got used to the place, why are we leaving now!”.

I shall leave you with beautiful memories from this camp, remember the session, use them and develop. You’re all amazing LEADERS.

NEM. 10.07.2012