Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learning the "Dances of Life" with Coucla Refaat.

It’s not everyday that you meet someone like the lovely person this article is about. I have the utmost pleasure to be writing about her right now. But hey, without her coming into my life at this point, I wouldn’t have written anything anytime soon.

She’s not just a lovely person, but quite a wonderful one in every sense of the word. The first time I met Coucla, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in our characters only she is a woman pursuing her dream and im yet to follow in her amazing footsteps.

Coucla is a professional photographer and she had just finished publishing her first book “ Dances of Life” and wanted me to help her out in the opening of her exhibition about “Thailand” and the book.

I watched her enter the gallery gracefully wearing her pretty purple dress in the opening, a confident young woman, proud of her not-so-easy journey to Thailand, documenting the country with her amazing photos. I watched how everyday people came in the gallery and they were mind blown by how this young lady chose to see things differently. I watched people come all the way from Tanta and other far places, just to see her unique work. I couldn’t help but be inspired and proud that I had the opportunity to participate in such an important event in Coucla’s life.

Everyday I’ve spent in the gallery, Coucla taught me something new and bit by bit I felt like I was gaining what was more than a friend... A sister. With her amazing family and friends embracing me soo fast, I already felt like I was part of this amazing group/ family.  

Coucla, I want to thank you for everything, I want to thank fate and Islam Al Masry for introducing us to each other, thank you for being the lovely person that you are. It has been a pleasure working with you. I have to say, I feel like I’ve known you more than just 1 month, and I am very proud of you and your work sis and wish you the best of luck in future work where I will hopefully be by your side :)

And yes Omar this means Nadia forgives you for messing with her name ;)

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