Tuesday, December 4, 2012


She plays with her curls while she thinks
Straying in thoughts, no blinks
Staring into the horizon having a twinkle
Frozen particles in space started to sprinkle.

You’d see her staring her eyes, maroon
Those particles had her in a cocoon
She never leaves her curls alone
The streaming line of thoughts like Rhone.*

In front of her eyes, she followed the particles
She thought, what’d it be if we were those little sparkles
How life would be just floating in the air
Never caring if there’s someone there.

We’d hide in the dark
Learn to dim our spark
Entering the room like a light from a gun
We’d rise with and be reborn by the sun.

We’d die everyday but gladly go
Knowing that each day has a new glow
Knowing that when we enter the room
We’d light up someone’s world,
And kill the gloom.

The pretty curled girl shook her head
What a wild thought and how fast it spread
She had only one other thought
How life was like that particle she sought.

We wake up everyday with the shining light
Going to bed knowing we’d die tonight
Yet we hope when we wake up the next day
We’d change someone’s life if that were okay.

A touch of life through the smile we give
Helps someone else for one more day to live
So then when we go and see the light
We’d know we have blessed someone tonight.

*The Rhone is one of the major rivers of Europe, rising in Switzerland and running from there through southeastern France.