Friday, May 24, 2013

Transparent Mystery

I got charmingly lost in the lines of writing this new piece. All I know is I haven’t written anything in a while, doing injustice to my dying writing talent.  Not sure if I even have it in me anymore. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and hope you do too. 

Heart detained mind with one motion
The sway of a dress made everything at ease
It fell for this restless soul against notion
The untroubled mind no longer rests in peace

To the love was thought dead
After a violent race with the mind
Cheeks pumped up with cherry red
The look of persistence that cannot divide
To the sight of beauty ahead
The love was reborn, regenerated

Heartbeats racing
Like shots of hard liquor
Reaching the mind
And for the mind it’s chasing
With that thought to bicker
For the love it left behind

Collision of the souls
Was but a fragment
Leaving hearts un-whole
Left to torment

There is not but a good end
To the un-tuned red cheeks
The pain; she had to contend
And of this love
She shall not speak

NM. 24/5/2013