Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nadaaaaa, I have a question please.

Teaching is a tricky thing. Teaching is dangerous. You might plant an idea in someone’s head and be responsible for it growing or even just staying there forever. Just like inception. Ok, maybe not that much. But teaching is a responsibility, a big huge responsibility. If this idea is so much as slightly wrong, you’re screwed; you helped grow a generation of idiots. The beautiful thing is that I never felt the weight of this responsibility. It came naturally. It made sense, it made sense to do it right, to do it meticulously, no errors, and no mistakes.

But we all make mistakes and errors even if there is no room for it. And that exactly is what is beautiful about it. I am learning alongside my students. We are thinking together, trying to solve problems together, looking for the ultimate solution. Experimenting to see what fits this certain problem best.

Talking a little bit about my students. I developed a great relationship with my students that is built on mutual respect, humour and even sometimes friendship, which made this all the more easier to do. I respect them so much, I respect them for being patient with me, I respect them for respecting me, for listening to me and not doubting me and my skills. Because of them I have confidence in what I do, because of them my margin of error is so much smaller than it used to be, because of them I am perfecting what I am doing. For their sake I’m doing my job more than 100%, because I know that later, when they’re old, and sitting on a desk like me now, they will remember who screwed them over, and who helped them get through tough times, who understood them and who didn’t bother to listen. I want them to remember me as someone who was there, who helped them, who made a difference, I want them to learn from my mistakes and even be better than me.

Which is why teaching is tricky, it’s why it’s dangerous. You either make it or break it. They’ll either hate you, not respect you, or they’ll love you and listen to every word you say and then, at this moment, you will have complete access to make an impact. Then you have access to the dangerous part of it all. How you choose to play with their brain is then up to you. To make them smart, creative and up to the task, or help grow an epitome of stupid-ness, laziness and not-so-ready-to-produce-anything type of people.

You either make it or break it.

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